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How To: Store Your Table Linens

How To: Store Your Table Linens

Throwing dinner parties are fun!  Having your close friends over for an intimate evening, preparing the menus, choosing recipes, plates, table linens, and flowers for each party is exciting. The right table linens set the mood and change the look. As you want each dinner party to look different. you end up adding to your collection of linens. After a few years, it may start to be a challenge to find the right way to store your linens.
If you have a spare closet, this would be a great place to store your linens. If you have hanging space, it's a great idea to keep your table cloths and runners hung. This will not only look nice, but it will keep them fresh, crisp and ready to go for the next time.  Try to fold your cloths and runners as few times as possible, make sure they hang as long as your space allows and put a large cardboard roll around the hanger. These little tricks will help to reduce the number of deep creases so your linens won't require much ironing when it is time to use them. You can sort them by color, style and pattern or use labels like those shown on the picture above to easily find the pieces.
If you don't have a spare closet to turn into a linen closet, you can try transforming an old armoire or dresser to store all your linens and table needs. Smaller drawers are well suited to napkins, placemats, and napkin rings, while large ones can accommodate folded tablecloths. Especially now, repurposing old furniture is a great project to take on and can be fun for the whole family! 
Limited on space? Not a problem! You can store all your table linens in bins and simply keep them under your bed. Keeping your table cloths and other linens folded nicely will help keep them as fresh as possible. To prevent wrinkles, roll linens around cardboard wrapping-paper tubes. If your space permits it, you can store matching tablecloths, runner and napkins together, which is always nice having everything in one space. 
When it comes to storing our easy care mats, no washing or ironing is required. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth and let them dry before putting them away. Store them as flat as possible in a dry place. Some of our easy care mats like Luster and Skate have a cardboard inside so they may warp if stored in a damp or humid location. If they are stored folded, cardboard inside the mats crease and leaves a permanent fold mark. Even the styles without a cardboard can leave a fold mark, if they are stored folded for a long time, especially under the weight of other linens or objects. If you pay attention to these few details, they will store beautifully and you can use them over and over with very little maintenance.


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    I was taught never to store linens near cardboard. The acid in the cardboard damages fabric. Cardboard also attracts bugs and the acid fades photographs. I was also taught that plastic is not a good option—-the fabrics need to breathe and moisture can develop. The linens should not also come in contact with the wood if stored in a chest.

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