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Go Green...Literally!

Go Green...Literally!

No matter what your style is or what vibe you are going for, florals are always a go-to for the finishing touch. You can choose small neutral arrangements, large colorful bouquets, scattered flower petals, or just simple greenery.

When dressing up your table "the more the better" does not always apply. You don't always need large colorful arrangements to make a statement. Your table can easily be taken to the next level with a simpler arrangement or using only greenery. There are tons of lovely greens that you can add into an arrangement, so choose the ones that appeal to you most. Keep in mind that some of these greens will not be in water (depending on how you style them), so you want to make sure that you are picking greens that will not immediately wilt. Ferns, for example, will not hold up very well out of water, but something like eucalyptus will. So be sure to choose wisely!

Using a classic palette of soft creams and sage greens, eucalyptus is a great alternative. It is light in color and almost seasonless. This is also great for all you DIYers out there! Using loose greenery can help keep the costs down and allow you to really use your style and create any arrangement you'd like.

If you need a little more, try adding hints of white to your greenery. Still keeping your florals neutral and green, try using more fun and innovative accessories with your greenery, like a sleek and modern vase. Sometimes your table does not need a big bold arrangement, but something more interesting and understated. You can still create a magical environment for everyone at your table and still add height and depth without using big and dramatic arrangements. This helps keep the look clean and less cluttered. It also brings a contemporary component to your table setting, which can be especially fun for someone who tends to go for a more traditional look.  

Don’t forget: Simple doesn’t mean small! You can still create an arrangement on a larger scale, but if your table linens are making the statement that night, let them! By adding a more neutral centerpiece to an already detailed table setting can make more of a difference than something over the top and colorful.
Using flowers as your finishing touch will never fail you when trying to create your perfect table setting but never underestimate the power of a little green in your life. 

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