• Red, White, and Blue Leftovers

    Now that the summer season is over, say goodbye to the BBQ’s, the weekend lake adventures, and the warm evening soirées. As Summer fades into Fall and the days get longer, we wonder what to do with our red, white and blue decor. It's a classic color combination, so just because these colors are s... View Post
  • Go Green...Literally!

    No matter what your style is or what vibe you are going for, florals are always a go-to for the finishing touch. You can choose small neutral arrangements, large colorful bouquets, scattered flower petals, or just simple greenery. When dressing up your table "the more the better" does not always... View Post
  • When Style Meets Function

    Picture's Saturday night and you create a gorgeous tablescape for your husband's 50th birthday dinner. You have all your closest family and friends there, ranting about how amazing your table looks. The red wine is flowing, the dinner is being served and BAM, a spill on your new placema... View Post